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What is the Indiana Appellate Pro Bono Project?

The Project is a collaboration of the Indiana Pro Bono Commission and the Indiana State Bar Association Appellate Practice Section’s Pro Bono Subcommittee. The Project helps low-income people find a pro bono (free) lawyer to represent them on appeal in civil cases.

How does the Project work?

After you apply the Indiana Pro Bono Commission will review your application for income eligibility. If you are eligible, the ISBA Appellate Practice Section’s pro bono committee will review your application and attempt to find a lawyer able to take your case. The Project cannot guarantee that it can find a pro bono attorney to take your case, so you should not stop looking for other counsel to represent you in this proceeding.  There is no right to counsel in civil cases.  If you have a criminal case, you may contact the public defender’s office.

How do I apply?

Fill out an application and send it to the Indiana Pro Bono Commission at or 615 N. Alabama Street, Suite 122, Indianapolis, IN 46204.  Applications are available by mail at the above address. You may also find them online at or here.  You will need to gather information about your court case and your income and assets for the application.

Are there other resources that could assist me?

The Indiana Pro Bono Commission website has a directory of pro bono and legal aid providers by county and district on its website:  If you want to proceed “pro se” (without a lawyer), there are forms, rules, and other resources online: